Aug 22

The Magic of Nature

I simply love being in Nature.
Whenever I can, I go to the beach to do a walking meditation.
As soon as I put my feet in the sand, I immediately experience a sense of connection, as if I’m plugging into the power of the earth.
I start walking by the sea with the intention of letting go of what no longer serves me, allowing the outdated thoughts and emotions to join the grains of sand beneath my feet.
I allow the water to take old layers of myself, giving place to fresh possibilities.
Every step I take, I feel lighter, creating the space for something new and brighter. Something more attuned to the magic of Nature. More attuned to the magic of the invisible clouds and the high-flying birds. More attuned to the magic of the brisk soft wind and the radiant yellow sun. More attuned to the magic of the deep blue sea and the relaxing waves. More attuned to the magic of the golden sand and the unique sea stars.
The magic of Nature makes me become more aware of our uniqueness and magnificence.
It reminds me that this magic is also within each one of us.
When we acknowledge this latent potential that lies within us and fully embrace it, we allow our unique light to shine bright in the world.

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