Paula Perfeito’s Testimonial – Workshop

Manuela Antunes’ Testimonial – Workshop

Teresa Barreira’s Testimonial – Workshop

Mário Cardoso’s Testimonial – Workshop

Alexandra Pinto’s Testimonial – HeartMath Coaching®
The HeartMath® Coaching Program with Barbara Santos was excellent, once I learned how to access my heart’s intelligence at a very complex time in my life.

I was developing a PhD project whilst dealing with some personal and health issues.

Besides being able to better cope with pressure, reduce stress, keep calm and maintain focus even in challenging situations, the HeartMath program allowed me to more easily perform all the necessary tasks on schedule with a good result.

I experienced a positive transformation in terms of time management, which allowed me to prioritize my research without neglecting other vital aspects of my life. Tasks became simpler, faster and more efficient! I felt a great deal of enthusiasm and concentration in my work.

The observation of my emotions and the practice of the heart-focused breathing techniques allowed me to more consciously and easily deal with my emotions. Now I can change the most important thing, which is the way I feel. And I learned how to establish and maintain the connection with my own inner wisdom whenever it is necessary.

It seems as if a key had unlocked the door!

Carla Pereira’s Testimonial – Workshop
With the techniques that I learned at the Happiness Workshop I feel that I can stay positive and calm, especially in extremely stressful situations.

I can radiate “good energy” for myself and the world around me, reinforcing the powerful feelings of care and gratitude we sometimes forget to have within us… and sometimes the world surprisingly gives back…

Cecília Azevedo’s Testimonial – Workshop
My experience at the Corporate Happiness Workshop was very positive.

Firstly, for the professional, enlightened, exciting and passionate manner in which Barbara Santos shared her knowledge.

And secondly, because I’ve also recognized that the coherence between my emotions and thoughts and the impact they have on my emotional and physical state is determined by me and the choices I make.

I strongly recommend attending Barbara’s workshops.

Ana Guimarães’ Testimonial – Workshop
Based on a scientific method, this workshop was a moment to pause and reflect, and above all it was a great learning about how we experience different situations in our daily lives.
Finding the balance in me is not a fairly easy task. Everyday routine places me in a situation that once ended in gloom, annoyance and even frustration. What has changed? I met Barbara Santos, a fantastic person who, through her knowledge and techniques, taught me how to handle life with a far more positive, more serene and much more enlightened look. Nowadays, gradually, I walk progressively with an increased balance and harmony.

Barbara, many thanks to you for being who you are and then for giving yourself ultimately to assisting others. You are and will forever be in my heart.

I recently became a mom. I did Yoga in the prenatal period. That’s when I came across Barbara. I had been fortunate to have the chance to practice Yoga under her guidelines. She is an excellent teacher, very attentive and caring. These classes were aimed to address our specific needs within this period. There were also some restrictions on Yoga exercises, which we were guided to avoid. In her classes, I felt good, relaxed and calm. Within the period of pregnancy, I was able to reduce back pain, edema in the feet, among other uncomfortable issues. I ended up having a splendid and calm pregnancy period. I recommend all ladies to practice Yoga in the pre-and postnatal period. It can help us greatly, both to ease distress, to make one feel good, relaxed and calm.
Barbara (Gauri) welcomes us with an open heart and wonderful dedication, and her lessons soothe us like a gentle massage given to both mother and baby. During classes, we are taught to take care of our changing body and overcome the challenges that arise every week. We receive a set of tools to have a more conscious and better pregnancy experience, and I have personally come out of every class floating in love.

Dear Gauri, I am very grateful for everything.