Jul 07

The Passage

Life passes.

We spend our lives watching life go by and when it passes, only what really matters remain.

And what really matters? What does remain?

Among so many things that happen, we keep within ourselves pieces of moments, recording memories in the book of our heart…

Meaningful words, bright smiles, vibrating laughter, sheded tears…

Experiences lived in harmony with the cycles of life.

Beginnings preceded by ends.

Highs preceded by lows.

Nights preceded by days.

Experiences marked by moments that remain.

Colors that flood white.

Sounds that flood the silence.

Words that flood a blank book.

A book where we record all the “now” moments, where many life cycles interconnect.

In this “now”, we mark the end of a cycle…

The completion of a book full of intensely lived stories.

A life cycle unfolded in memories.

A life full of “passing moments”.

A life that “passed through us”, but that doesn’t “pass”… Because what matters forever remains.

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