Dec 24

The Echo of The Heart


Whilst I await the arrival of words within me, I listen to my heartbeat.

I plunge myself into utter silence.

I give them time and space to reveal themselves.

Their shyness mingles with the echo of my heart.

I follow their signs, searching for them deeper.

In this quest, I find their source again. I meet the source of creation, the source of feelings, of emotions, of senses, of thoughts… I find the source of the BEING.

My heartbeat is the beep that leads me there… the drums that guide my steps through their sound and vibration.

I’m listening again. I listen to its sound and become aware of the silence between each heartbeat.

I feel the impact of the heartbeat echo in my whole body. I feel the waves generated by each heartbeat, like a pebble that falls into a calm lake.

I let the waves propagate around me.

I let the feelings radiate around me. I let care and love propagate throughout all directions of space. I let them reach the far-off places where pieces of my heart dwell.

I listen again silently. I wait…

I discover the beats of several drums. I feel the sound echoing around me…

I find the pulse of many hearts beating in unison.

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