Dec 18

The Gift of Life

As if I’m also under the influence of the seasons, some drops fall down my face.

They carry many special memories and feelings.

Memories that become alive as soap bubbles created by the wind.

As the sun shines onto these bubbles, unique beautiful colors arise…

They carry precious moments shared with the ones I can no longer see.

They carry their smile, their voice, their gestures.

They carry their joy, their care and their love that I felt for so many years.

The bubbles eventually burst, but the feelings still remain…

My eyes can’t capture their shape any longer, but the space within the bubbles is always there.

I close my eyes to become more aware of this space.

I come to my heart looking for the water, the wind, the sun and the infinite colors.

I find the space in which everything is created.

I find the source of joy, care and love.

I find the spring of gratitude that fills my heart.

Gratitude for the shapeless ones with whom I shared so beautiful moments.

Gratitude for the ones who still walk by my side on this path.

Gratitude for all the experiences that made me “who I am”.

Gratitude for the magnificent experiences yet to come.

Gratitude for this Present moment.

Gratitude for the Gift of Life.




  1. Filomena Pessanha
    Thursday June 27th, 2019 at 07:06 AM · Reply

    Bom dia Bárbara.
    Muito muito obrigada,pela partilha do texto Presente da Vida .
    Um presente maravilhoso.
    Forte Abraço
    Filomena Pessanha
    (Filo <3)

    • Barbara Santos
      Monday July 8th, 2019 at 12:40 PM · Reply

      Olá Filo,
      Fico muito feliz por saber que gostou do texto sobre o Presente da Vida.
      A vida é mesmo um presente maravilhoso.
      Um forte abraço para si também <3

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