Sep 29

Reflect on Reflection…

Sometimes we dig deep into our minds looking for answers, making our heads spin, incessantly looking for something that will help us find inner peace.

We might not figure the right direction out, but we keep searching for a path.

Ideas may overlap, as if they are fighting each other, aiming to occupy space in our heads.

The inquisitive and judgmental mind takes the throne, silencing the voice of reason that quietly resides within us.

The mental noise, like turbulent waves on a stormy day, might make us feel adrift.

Even at the height of the storm, we have the opportunity to observe the waves and listen to the inner voice that quietly awaits the right moment to guide us.

We have the choice to breathe like the waves, letting go of the thoughts and emotions as the water recedes… Abandoning the whirlwind of questions and allowing it to merge with the mighty sea…. And when the wave comes back to us, we only invite peace in. Allowing the water to wash our soul, washing away what no longer serves us.

The sea calms down as we breathe more slowly.

The dissolved questions give rise to a mirrored sea full of answers. We observe the serene water and discover reflections that were imperceptible by our eyes until then.

We see ourselves without the lens of the ego that creates the illusion of separation.

We see ourselves without masks.

We see our true essence, acknowledging our qualities as well as our imperfections.

At this moment we also have an opportunity… we have the opportunity to accept our perfect imperfection. The opportunity to accept ourselves completely, acknowledging that we still have a long way to go.

Taking responsibility for our actions and learning from our mistakes, but leaving behind the criticism, the guilt and the judgment that we inflict on ourselves.

Letting go of the thoughts and emotions that weigh us down, so we can continue our journey lighter with the intention to continuously evolve.

When we walk with a light heart, we also have the opportunity to more easily accept the imperfections of others.

When we see part of ourselves reflected in them, we have the opportunity to allow our heart to take the helm.

When we are more tolerant and compassionate with others, we have the unique opportunity to make peace with ourselves.

Like an infinite wave, when we make peace with others, we create more peace within ourselves.

And this overflowing peace creates waves of peace around us.

And every time we choose peace, we also give others the opportunity to choose the same peace.

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