Resilience and the capacity to handle challenges are an integral factor in issues of wellbeing, drive and professional performance, with a primary impact on the work environment and organizational performance.

Aiming to help people reduce stress and build resilience, I carry out training based on The Resilience AdvantageTM from HeartMath®, a best-in-class program used by the US Navy and Fortune 500 companies.

This program provides simple, scientifically-proven techniques that help reduce the negative impact of stress, improve wellness, boost energy levels, resilience and performance.

The HeartMath® method shows how emotion conditions the heart rhythm, health, performance, and relationships, revealing the heart’s fundamental role in the functioning of the body and mind.

Through learning and practice of simple breathing techniques, you’ll be able to develop the ability to manage stress and emotions, unleashing transformative impact on your personal, social and professional life.

This method is the result of over 26 years of scientific research on heart intelligence conducted by the HeartMath Institute®.

The HeartMath® system includes biofeedback technology which monitors the heart rhythms providing real-time visual and audio feedback of stress impact on the body. Through the emWave Pro® software and ear sensor, participants can watch the immediate effect of HeartMath® self-regulation techniques.

The HeartMath® Institute, independent researchers and international universities have conducted studies that validate the efficiency of the HeartMath® method and technology.

The program has been implemented with documented results in well-renowned organizations around the world, including Fortune 500 companies, clinics, universities, schools and government institutions.

Training can be carried out in one-day workshop, series of shorter workshops or in isolated sessions with program modules.


  • Increase personal resilience and energy levels;
  • Leverage the ability to think clearly under pressure and identify appropriate answers to problems;
  • Improve awareness, focus and memory;
  • Reduce symptoms of personal and professional stress, namely, anxiety, frustration, exhaustion and sleep disorders;
  • Improve reaction and coordination times;
  • Strengthen team spirit and cooperation.


The HeartMath® method can assist to:

  • Improve the ability to focus
  • Enhance listening skills
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Reduce states of depression