The HeartMath® method can be a valuable tool for both health professionals and patients, assisting in real-time challenging situations to reduce the impact of stress in physical, mental and emotional terms.

The scientifically-proven HeartMath® breathing techniques can be used both by children and adults to help them build the ability to self-regulate emotions that are often the source of stress.

The HeartMath® system includes biofeedback technology which monitors the heart rhythms providing real-time visual and audio feedback of stress impact on the body. Through an ear sensor and a computer, tablet or smartphone, health professionals and patients can watch the immediate effect of HeartMath® self-regulation techniques.

This method uncovers the impact of emotions and the fundamental role of the heart in the functioning of the body and mind, showing how emotions condition health, performance and relationships.

The HeartMath® method is anchored on 26 years of scientific research on heart intelligence. The HeartMath Institute®, independent researchers and international universities have conducted studies that validate the efficiency of the HeartMath® method and technology.

Training can be carried out in one-day workshop, series of shorter workshops, or in isolated sessions with program modules.