Jan 14
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New Year, New Possibilities

Over the years, I’ve been feeling that the end of the year is usually a quite intense period.

When I say intense, I mean that it seems that every thought, every feeling, every sensation and every experience are amplified.

As if the fear is more fearful and the joy more joyful.

As if the weight is heavier and the light is lighter.

As if the cold is colder and the hot is hotter.

As if the black is darker and the colors are brighter.

As if each second is shorter and the time is endless.

It seems that the Universe gives us powerful opportunities to become more aware of the duality we experience as human beings and at the same time It provides us with more experiences to acknowledge our Divine nature.

Sometimes we feel as if we’re looking at Life from the bottom of a well and, other times, we feel we’re at the top of the mountain.

By quickly oscillating in between these polarities, we are shaken inside and asked to let go of a few more layers that no longer serve us.

After this intense process, it seems as if we were pulled out of a washing machine tumbler ready to receive the fresh air and sunshine.

Refreshed and lighter, we feel excited to start a new cycle of our lives.

We open ourselves to new experiences, to new projects, to new adventures and to new possibilities.

And this openness is usually accompanied by the willingness to go beyond.

Beyond our fears.

Beyond our doubts.

Beyond our circumstances.

Beyond the impossibilities.

We are open to the space that turns IMPOSSIBILITIES  into  I  M  POSSIBILITIES.

We are willing to use our WILL as the door to future possibilities…

I  M  POSSIBILITIES (I am possibilities).


So, I would like to ask you…

Which possibilities would you like to explore in this new year?

When you think about your possibilities for 2020, what comes after “I WILL…”?

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