Coherence Hotspot

COHERENCE HOTSPOT PORTUGAL | Connect and Create Heart Coherence

Date of the next in person session to be defined

Feel2B – R. Rainha D. Luísa Gusmão, 4D, Lisbon, PORTUGAL

The Coherence Hotspot global platform is endorsed by HeartMath®

Change happens when we connect

Connect with your heart for living a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Connect with like-minded people to create a coherent social environment.

Learn science-based tools and techniques to intentionally shift your emotional state to align body, mind and emotions, through the power and intelligence of the heart.

Coherence – this optimal state in which your heart, mind and emotions are aligned and working in sync – increases your energy levels and builds your resilience, allowing you to unleash your highest potential.

Through the HeartMath breathing techniques, you can manage stress and emotions in real time, creating this coherent state on demand.

During the session, we will measure this shift in real-time, through the HeartMath® biofeedback technology – software and ear sensor that monitor the heart rhythms and the coherence levels.

This coherent state will not only positively influence you, but also the lives of others around you.

The world becomes more coherent when we choose to become coherent. The world softens when we soften. The world changes when we change.

Connect with the Coherence Hotspot Community and become a co-creator of a new human consciousness.


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